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E-Accounting & Taxation

Advance Microsoft Excel

Job & Work Profile: - MIS Executive, Data Entry Operator, Financial Analyst, Big Data Engineer Etc.

Course Eligibility:-10th, 10+2 or equivalent and above.

Duration: - 1 Month

After course knowledge level: - Able to prepare all type of data in MS-Excel.

Regular Classes- 5 Days in Week (Morning, Day time & Evening)
Weekends Classes- (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
Fast-Track classes also available.

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It is the best short term course for any stream student to get the job quickly because of in-demand advance excel executive for every business to operating their administration and accounts by an advance excel skills.

This course helps to provide information related to the handling of Microsoft excel with basic and advance level on the computer. It provides advanced level knowledge of Microsoft advance excel which demands a skilled person for handling administration and accounting. Any stream students can join the Advance excel from our Institute.

Course Features


Course Contain

  1. -Introduction of Excel
  2. -Basic understanding menu & toolbars.
  3. -Sorting & filtering
  4. -Find & Replace, Go to & Paste Special
  5. -Tabs & Options
  1. -Introduction about Formulas & Functions.
  2. -About Operator & their uses.
  3. -Working with formulas & functions.
  4. -Introduction of Home Tab (Paste Special & Format Painter, Cell formatting, Text Controls, Advanced conditional Formatting(with Formulas), Sorting & Filtering, Advanced Find & Go to Special etc.)
  5. -Insert, View & Page Layout Tab (Creating & Running Macros, Chart, Picture, Smart art, Screenshot, Insert Links, and Header & Footers, Page Setup, Margins, Print Settings, Print Area, Workbook views, Freeze Panes, Scale to fit, Sheet Options & Print titles, etc.)
  6. -Review Tab (Insert Comments, Spelling & Grammar, Protect sheet & Workbook, Share Workbook, Track Changes etc.) 
  1. -Math’s & Trig Numeric Information’s: Abs,Gcd,Lcm.
  2. -Mathemical Operations: Sum, Product, Power, Sqrt, Mod, Aggregate.
  3. -Conditionals Sums : Sumif, Sumifs
  4. -Advanced mathematical Operations: SumProduct, Sumsq etc.
  5. -Other Operations: Round, Roundup, Round down, Rand, Randbetween, Fact, Roman etc.
  6. -Text Functions: Len, Left, Right, Mid, Lower, Upper, Proper, Rept, Substitute, Trim, Value, find, Concatenate, Replace etc.
  7. -Financial Functions: Pmt, Ppmt, Ipmt, Pv, Fv, Rate etc.
  8. -Date & Time Functions: Day, Hour, Minute, Month, Now, Today, etc.
  9. -Logical & Reference Functions: Vlookup, Hlookup, Match, Get Pivot Table, And, or, True, False, Address, Index, Offset, Hyperlink, Transpose, Formulatext etc.
  10. -Statistical Functions: Max, Min, Count, Counta, Countblank, Countif, Countifs, Average, Agerageif, Mode, Frequency, Rank, Etc.
  1. -Advanced Conditional Formatting using functions.
  2. -Advanced filter, filter, to cross sheet and workbook.
  3. -What if Analysis (Goal Seek, Data Tables, Scenario Manager).
  4. -Searching Technique with Go To Special.
  5. -Lookup to Left with Index & Match.
  6. -Loan EMI Calculator in Excel.
  7. -Tax calculator in Excel.
  8. -Interest Calculations various Types
  9. -Bank Statement & Calculations
  10. -Creating Payroll & Salary Sheet.
  11. -Salaries calculate in Excel.
  1. -Advanced Chart Technique
  2. -How to make Dynamic Charts, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Pie Charts, Scatter Charts, Line Charts, Column Charts, Speedometers charts, etc.
  1. -Protecting Excel file, Protecting worksheets, Workbooks, Enable/Disable Range.
  2. -Allow user to edit range, protecting users to edit range.
  3. -Filed Controls using customized user access.
  1. -What is Macros?
  2. -Creating Excel Macro.
  3. -Running Macros and Editing.
  4. -Automating Tasks with micro.

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