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E-Accounting & Taxation

Tally Prime With GST Training

Job & Work Profile: - Accountant, Account Executive, Accounts Trainee, Billing Executive, Tax professionals & Consultants etc.

Course Eligibility:-10+2 or equivalent and above.

Duration: - 2 months

After course knowledge level:- Able to manage all Accounting in Tally.

Regular Classes- 5 Days in Week (Morning, Day time & Evening)
Weekends Classes- (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
Fast-Track classes also available.

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In today’s time Students get the job quickly because of in high demand of tally operators for every small and medium business to operate their accounts on a tally operator on daily basis. Tally Prime is the most advanced version of software in the market. In this course teaches students in detail how to manage and maintain accounts, inventory, and payroll at Tally. This is a complete preparation course covering all the topics and options available at Tally.

This course helps to provide information related to the handling of accounting daily basis entry on the computer. It provides advanced level knowledge of computer tally account with GST which demands a skilled person for handling accounting. Every students can join the Tally Prime Course with GST from our Institute for the bright future.

Course Features


Course Contain

  1. What is Tally
  2. History & Versions of Tally
  3. Overview of Software
  4. Introducing Gateway and its elements
  5. Fundamentals of tally

  1. How to Create company & Alter company
  2. How to Select company & Shut company
  3. How to apply Security control
  4. How to Change tally vault
  5. How to Split company data
  6. How to take Back up & Restore Back up

  1. Payment voucher entry 
  2. Receipt voucher entry
  3. Journal voucher entry
  4. Sales voucher entry
  5. Purchase voucher entry
  6. Debit note voucher entry
  7. Credit note voucher entry
  8. purchase order entry
  9. Sales order entry
  10. Receipt note entry
  11. Delivery note entry
  12. Rejection out entry
  13. Rejection in entry
  14. Stock journal entry
  15. Manufacturing journal entry
  16. Physical stock voucher entry

  1. How to use Accounting features 
  2. How to use Inventory features
  3. How to activate Functions in accounts info. Menu
  4. How to prepare Ledgers & Groups Tally Prime
  5. How to set Inventory configurations & features Inventory info. Menu
  6. How to set up Stock groups
  7. How to set up Stock categories
  8. How to create Stock items
  9. How to create Units of measurement
  10. How to create Bills of materials Locations / Godown 
  11. Inventory voucher types
  12. How to create cost categories & cost Centre’s
  13. How to configure Cheque printing
  14. How to set Credit limits
  15. How to do Bank Reconciliation

  1. Bill wise details.
  2. Cost Centre’s and Cost categories
  3. Voucher classes
  4. Interest Calculations
  5. Budgets & Controls
  6. Banking
  7. Multi-Currency Accounting

  1. Order Processing
  2. Sales/purchase Order
  3. Multiple Price Level
  4. Batch-wise Details
  5. Bill of Material (BOM)
  6. Multiple Price Level & Price Lists
  7. Stock Valuation
  8. Zero Valued Entries
  9. Different Actual and Billed Quantities
  10. Job Order Processing
  11. POS (Point of Sales)
  12. Security Control

  1. Activating GST for your company.
  2. GST Tax Invoice
  3. Multiple Tax Invoice
  4. Creating Sales (Nil Rated, Exempt, Zero Rated) invoice
  5. Setting up GST Rate
  6. Updating GST in Stock Items & Groups
  7. Updating Party GSTIN
  8. Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) in GST
  9. GSTR-3B, GSTR-1
  10. Understanding GSTR-2A/2B
  11. GST Tax Adjustment Entries
  12. GST Refund Adjustment Entries
  13. GST Tax Adjustment Entries with Cash/Credit Ledgers

  1. How to Enabling payroll in tally
  2. How to generate pay slip
  3. How to Create Payroll Masters, salary structure & leave details
  4. How to pass Payroll Voucher Entry
  5. How to view Statements of payroll
  6. How to Create/view Attendance-Reports
  7. How to view Payroll Statutory Reports
  8. Payroll Statutory Computation Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Reports Employees State -Insurance  (ESI) Reports Professional Tax Report

  1. What is TDS Process
  2. Enable/Activate TCS for Your Company
  3. How to prepare and Issue of TDS
  4. Enabling TDS
  5. What is Nature of TDS related payments Deductee types 
  6. How to Create TDS Masters (Expense ledger, Party Ledger, Tax ledger) 
  7. How to pass TDS Voucher Entries/Transactions
  8. How do pass TDS on expenses (Journal Voucher) 
  9. How to pass Expenses partly subject to TDS (Journal voucher) 
  10. How to do Accounting multiple expenses and deducting TDS later 
  11. How to record TDS on advance payments 
  12. How to do Adjusting advances against the bill 
  13. How to Changes in TDS Percentage Computation
  14. TDS Challan Reconciliation 

  1. What is TCS Process
  2. Enable/Activate TCS for Your Company
  3. How to prepare and Issue of TCS
  4. Enabling TCS
  5. Record TCS Advance Receipt Entry
  6. Record TCS Receipt Entry
  7. Record TCS on Sales with GST
  8. Record TCS on Purchase with GST

  1. Accounting Reports, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet.
  2. Inventory Reports, Stock Summary
  3. Sales & Purchase Register
  4. Tax Reports-Challans, Registers
  5. E-Filling GST(GSTR-3B, GSTR-1)
  6. Payroll Reports pay slips, Salary Register, MIS Reports.
  7. Receivables and Payables

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